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CPU Seems Too Hot..System Freezing..

By deadwing
Sep 23, 2005
  1. Hi, first post on here, so I hope I'm in the right area!

    Some spec first-homebuilt PC, AMD Athlon 2600 processor (333fsb), Gigabyte 7VT600-P-RZ motherboard, 768mb RAM, 400GB HDD space (s x 120GB internal, a x160GB external) ATI Radeon 64mb graphics card, on board sound, x2 DVD writers, no floppy disc, DVB-S and DVB-T pci tuner cards, 4 port USB 2.0 pci card, 550 watt Sweex psu. Think that just about covers it!

    I was running on an ASROCK motherboard until recently- on that board, cpu ran very cool (around 40-43C on idle/slight load), but on this board, with the same cooling fan, according to MBM 5 it's running at around 57-59C-and that is with the side off the computer!! The main problem is, I use this PC to do a fair amount of video editing, and I'm finding that the PC is freezing whenever I try to process a video file. I've even noticed it when playing back a DVD on a few occasions. Right now, i'm playing a CD and typing this-cpu is 58C and case temp is 42C

    I've checked everything is in place- I used thermal grease when I put the cpu/fan back in place, so I don't quite understand why this is happening.

    Anyone any ideas??
  2. Uber Noob

    Uber Noob TS Rookie

    Ram Timmings

    first off ensure that you cpu's heatsink is properly mounted flush with the die on the cpu if this doen improperly you will surley have a heat issue second check you ram timmings making them to fast will cause your system to be very unstable also check you power supply one of the main problems i have had in the past with instablity was due to a substandard psu with unstable 5v rail touch your heatsink is it really hot or is it bein missread.

    I personaly reccond then that you loosen the ram timmings some i run a xp2800+ barton at 352 bus with pc3200 ram at 412 mhz with a cheap ecs motherboard hey, maybe you should get one.
  3. deadwing

    deadwing TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the reply - heatsink is mounted absolutely flush and I did use a yhin layer of new thermal grease when I put the new mobo in (after completely cleaning the old stuff off.

    To be honest, I was thinking psu-I replaced the 'generic' 400 watt one with this 550w Sweex one about 18 months ago when I was having problems getting my old ASROCK board to run the cpu at correct speed - if I went to 166, it would run like a sick dog, but at 133-it ran fine, though the cpu only reported as a 2000, not a 2600. After putting the new psu in, I still had this problem, but changing the board to this Gigabyte one solved it.

    Here is the read out on the voltages from MBM5. I'm not really to clued up on what these figures mean -I know they have to be within certain 'tolerances' , but what they are, I don't know-can you figure them out from this?

    **EDIT** This is probably a better guide..

    Total number of readouts: 46 CPU Speed: 2082 MHz |
    |Running from: 23/09/2005 14:16:30 until: 23/09/2005 14:51:46 |
    |Sensor | Current | Low | High | Average |
    |Case | 43° C | 43° C | 43° C | 43° C |
    |CPU | 58° C | 58° C | 60° C | 58° C |
    |Sensor 3 | 0° C | 0° C | 0° C | 0° C |
    |Core 0 | 1.69 V | 1.66 V | 1.69 V | 1.69 V |
    |Core 1 | 2.62 V | 2.61 V | 2.62 V | 2.62 V |
    |+3.3 | 3.28 V | 3.26 V | 3.28 V | 3.28 V |
    |+5.00 | 3.66 V | 2.28 V | 5.72 V | 4.29 V |
    |+12.00 | 12.40 V | 12.33 V | 12.59 V | 12.41 V |
    |-12.00 | -6.59 V | -10.89 V | -5.39 V | -8.00 V |
    |-5.00 | 0.00 V | 0.00 V | 0.00 V | 0.00 V |
    |Fan 1 | 4017 RPM | 3970 RPM | 4017 RPM | 3980 RPM |
    |Fan 2 | 0 RPM | 0 RPM | 0 RPM | 0 RPM |
    |Fan 3 | 0 RPM | 0 RPM | 0 RPM | 0 RPM |
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