CPU settings in bios?

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Nov 2, 2006
  1. My son's computer is an emachine athlon Xp 3200+ The default setting is 166 and that makes it an xp 2500. I'm trying to extend its life. My question is, will it help to keep the default setting or can I go back to the 200 setting that will make it a 3200? PS: I've had it at the 200mhz setting for a couple of years with no problems. What are the pros and cons of this. Thank you
  2. nickslick74

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    Well, the main pro is that it will be a bit faster! I don't really see any point to underclocking it as long as it is sufficiently cooled.
  3. DonNagual

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    If I am understanding correctly, the cpu is actually an AthlonXP 2500 that has been overclocked? We are not talking about underclocking, but overclocking?

    If that is the case, I'd keep the FSB at 200mhz. That particular cpu is well known to be a great overclocker, and since you have been doing it for so long without any problems it appears to be an extremely stable overclock.

    The cons? Well, of course overclocking does shorten the life of the CPU. It is impossible to predict when that CPU will fail, but I doubt it will fail before it becomes obsolete (speedwise).
  4. Superinc

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    if its a +3200XP it should run 200mhzfsb no problem

    I have a +2500XP O/C to a 3200 @ 2.2Ghz idles @36c load @ 38c.
  5. kesler

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    Its a 3200, however when I was in bios there was a setting that read default best performance. When I checked it the cpu went from 200 to 166mhz and when I restarted it said it was an xp2500. Remember this is an emachine. I set it back to the 200mhz setting and now it says 3200 again. It works, thanks for the help.
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