CPU Shutting Down

After a Win 7 Ultimate update, Win 7 will not boot at any level. Won't even boot from a DVD. If doing a 'repair' it shuts down. If trying to
perform a normal boot, it shuts down at the same place. CPU and System seem to be running hot, above 100 deg. All fans working but
not sure if at a good rpm about 110-1200 under a 'smart' fan operation.

I suspect a bad power supply, but I would like an opinion or further answers/questions from me.


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When I did Windows 7 installs I remember that I had to modify the boot order in BIOS settings to show the DvD/CD first (before the HDD) and I also remember that there was a short window where I had to "Press Any Key" to boot from that DvD/CD or it would just go to the HDD again.

I'm not sure where you are seeing the 100 degrees temperature reading but if that is in farenheit than it isn't too hot, if it is in Celsius than you are right, it is too hot! That would explain the shutdowns during the repair. The CPU is going into thermal protection mode. You have to solve the heat issue first then you can solve the booting and repair problem.

It doesn't sound like a PSU issue, but you never know. You could have multiple problems.