CPU Spikes down????

By SilenceOfComp
Mar 4, 2007
  1. Hello techies, I have a question for all you there that are smarter than me when it comes to computers, I have a computer that I built about 3-4 years ago, it has a Athlon XP 1800+ CPU, 1Gb of ram, and a ATI Radeon 9200.

    Now, when I moved from Cali to washington I plugged it in and started her up, she booted fine, but when windows was running she idled at 8-11% system usage, and was acting very much like a computer that was plugged into a low power source(acting laggy for no aparent reason).

    Well, since it was a backup computer I didnt think anything of it, left it be, well I moved into my new house built only a few years back and I plug her in and have the same problem...

    I start up my World Of warcraft Game and the put me between 68-88% idle with game open then I would do an action in the game and the processor usage spikes down to 1% then comes back up, at the same time my game freezes for a second(enough to be annoying) and then the % goes back up to proper percentage. I think that my CPU is going bad, can anyone give me some insight on what my problem is?
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