cpu temp

By pappyrican
Nov 24, 2005
  1. u guys i have no idea if its bad but my temp for my cpu is always like 57-60C is that good? or its normal? and the fan is always running 2220rpm
  2. vnf4ultra

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    If that's a prescott core intel pentium, then it looks normal, if it's anything else it's safe, but on the warmer side. The fan speed is normal.
  3. MarcFOnline

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    I can certainly relate to how you must feel checking your PC's temps and seeing them high. It's actually what caused me to become an avid reader of these forums in the first place!

    Two things I can recommend... if you haven't already, check out the "Read before asking 'are my temps too hot'" thread, right at the top of this section (Cooling and Modding). It's a thorough and well-put-together guide to PC temperatures.

    Also, definitely take the Prescott advice to heart. If you DO have an Intel P4 Prescott (model #5xx) like I do, your temperatures are normal. I have a 3.0-GHz model, and with my Zalman heat sink -- which, by the way, I love -- temps vary between 51 and 61 C. Occasionally it spikes into the mid-60s when I'm playing Guild Wars, but I consider myself lucky after reading the stories of folks whose Prescotts go into the 70s.
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