CPU upgrade in HP G72

want to upgrade my Hp g72 b02sa note book laptop processer to i5 or i7
Have socket 989 Intel duo core 2ghz fitted.
Is it upgradable ?
Cant seem to get this info anywhere
looking at the supported cpus page on manual , says for, 1.0 1.1 1.2. no idea what this means.


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Before you upgrade, tehre is a major issue already with upgrading laptopts. This is the amoun of cooling that they have. The manufacturers will only put jsut enough in the machine in order for it to overheat. I would recommend looking into the heat produced by the two different processors (original and proposed), and also their power usage. The numbers are likely a BIOS versions. A laptop is ultimately not designed to be upgraded as it will be generally custom built. My personal laptop has a dual core 2.2GHz processor by AMD and the fan on this model is only just enough to cool it.
I put a I5 540M I picked up on ebay for $25 in mine, good performance improvement over the stock 2ghz dual core pentium chip that came stock in mine .. I will WARN you in advance, while some laptops allow you to replace the cpu WITHOUT completely tearing the machine down, THE G72 ISN'T ONE OF THEM... tear down is a real Pain in the A$$ and I broke my keyboard in the process ($10 to replace)