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Nov 26, 2004
  1. hey guys, im thinking of buying a the xp 2500 processor with a thermaltake cpu fan, i currently have a xp2200 processor with stock amd fan, but it runs very hot, idles at like 52 c and after playing a game it will go up to 60 c, do you guys think i should go and buy the xp 2500 or should i just buy the fan? i do plan on OC'ing the xp 2500 if i get it...
  2. therealdeal329

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    actually, i think i will just buy a new cpu fan, it might be best if i just wait and upgrade a new motherboard/ processor...

    do the bus speed on these processors really make a difference?

    64 3800+ / 2.40GHz Socket 939 2000MHz
    64 3700+ / 2.40GHz Socket 754 1600MHz
    64 3500+ / 2.20GHz Socket 939 2000MHz
    64 3200+ / 2.00GHz Socket 754 1600MHz
    64 3000+ / 2.00GHz Socket 754 1600MHz
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    At the moment I have a Compaq Presario 5000 1.2Ghz AMD Athlon, 80GB hard drive, DVD,CD-RW, 128Mb upgradable ram, 4 usb ports...

    Do you think I could upgrade to a Pentium 4? Or can the Athlon handle such games as in, Dark age of camelot,Starcraft,Command and conquer,Diablo 2 or 3 I can't remember wich one it is ( if three is even out yet ). Remption online...And many other games just like Starcraft and the ones above....All of these games are online multiplayer games...So do you think that the Athlon could handle games such as these online?
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    therealdeal329, I do not know why you mention those Athlon64s. You cannot use them without changing the motherboard which might be a bit much (budget-wise) for what you're trying to do. Get the Thermaltake fan & see if it helps with your current CPU. If you still need a performance boost, you can then get the 2500+ provided your motherboard properly supports the 166mhz FSB & that you have PC2700 Ram.

    Adak, you need to get some extra Ram. It will certainly help you performance wise (even with every day usage like surfing/emailing). If you decide to upgrade you will more then likely need to upgrade everything as Athlon motherboards are not Pentium 4 compatible & even if you decide to simply get an AthlonXP/Sempron, it is probably not supported by your current motherboard.
  5. adak

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    So you are saying that my computer can handle those games? But not to well? Because I figure if the computer can handle a DVD it should be able to handle a high graphic games like those...( Dark age of camelot might be out of the question ) But shouldn't the Athlon handle the other games.....Because it can handle a DVD? If I upgrade the Ram I will have to upgrade everything else?
  6. Didou

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    With 128mb of Ram you won't be able to handle a lot of today's games or even some of yesterday's games for that matter. Your computer should be able to handle games like StarCraft & Diablo (I & II) very easilly though, but you might still need a little bit of extra Ram to be comfortable.
  7. adak

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    What would I upgrade my ram to next? What else would I have to buy to upgrade it? So my computer right now should be able to handle those games with eaze? ( if so that is awesome! those are my favorite games )
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