By Shaggy
Dec 5, 2004
  1. is there anything i can do to drop my cpu temp..i heard of CPUidle, but i got mixed reviews on this..from saying it does nothing to it has dropped comps 5-10C...can anyone help..just wondering if its worth the download..thanks alot :D
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  3. howard_hopkinso

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    I agree with Tarkus that a good heatsink and fan and the correct amount of thermal paste are very important.

    But I must disagree with his assesment of CPUIDLE.(no offence intended)

    I have been using CPUIDLE along with Motherboard monitor 5 for quite some time now and have found them to lower my cpu temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees C.

    May I suggest that you download and install the above two programmes then you will be able to compare your cpu temps with and without them.

    If you are not impressed as I was then you can simply uninstall them.

    Regards Howard [​IMG]
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    On your Athlon64 it would be better to use cool'n'quiet. It is a laptop based technology that has been brought onto the desktop, it lowers the CPU's speed & voltage when the CPU isn't too solicitated making it run cooler & if your motherboard can adjust the CPU fan speed according to heat output, the fan will run slow thus quieter.
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