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Mar 26, 2007
  1. I've been reading around trying to figure out what's the difference between the Xeon and the other processors(sorry for my informalism) c2duo, dual core. p4 etc. I know Xeons are for servers and such, and most enthusiast use dual core etc. Is there a big performance difference between the different types of processors (damn this sounds stupid) Can I play high graphic games on a Xeon? Someone please give a brief detail.
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    There's a huge performance difference between Celerons and their more expensive P4 counterparts, and there's a huge performance jump from P4 to Core2Duo. Do not confuse Dual Core with Core2Duo, Core2Duo is a brand while Dual Core refers to how many cores a CPU has.

    Xeons are basically workhorses, but you can use them for games. From what I know, they carry more bandwidth or something. Nothing would stop you for using them for games. Same goes for AMD Opterons.

    Pentium D is an Intel flop, something like a stopgap measure while Core2Duos are released. Don't buy them ever. They do perform quite well, but not as well as an equivalent AMD CPU would (or thats what I think).

    P4s are being phased out. Don't think I need to say anymore.
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    Xeons are server/workstation oriented. They're generally the same as dekstop parts (same FSB, same cache size, etc.) but with a much more strict quality control & use different motherboard chipsets (less features, more stability) & right now they use FBDIMM memory which is expensive & quite power hungry (as opposed to regular DDR-II for desktops).

    It can play games very well although you might lose a few frames per second compared to a Core 2 Duo due to the extra latency that FBDIMMs bring to the table. Xeons can run multiple VGA cards configurations (for 4+ monitor configurations) but last time I checked they can't run SLI nor Crossfire.

    & lastly Xeons will not work on Core 2 Duo motherboards & vice versa: Xeons use Socket-771, Core 2 Duos use Socket-775.

    *edit* btw only Xeons can run in 2 sockets & above configurations.
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    thx a lot, you both explained what I couldnt very well, thank you
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    P4s are being phased out. < i have a celeron at home now 3.02 Ghz and I have had no issues with it at all, I thinkits been great (i am no gamer or multi task person though) I just got a pent 4 650 3.40 Ghz with the HT to play around with till the E6600 comes down in price. I figure one app at a time and the pent 4 should be just fine at that speed.
    Those darn E6xxx series cpu's better start falling in prices !! There are even newer 4 cores by intel to be released this fall and AMD has some 45nm cpu's coming out as well..... It's incredible how fast the tech is changing now days!
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