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Crash problem, plz help.

By Bellroth
Feb 16, 2006
  1. Hi ppl

    Specs first:
    Intel Celeron 3GHZ
    1 GB Kingston PC3200
    Gforce 6600GT
    MoBo: AsRock P4VM800
    Nothing is Oc'ed atm. I builded this computer myself, i think its my 3rd build and i havent had problems like this be4.

    Whenever i play a demanding game my PC reboots after 5 min. If i play a lesser demanding game like wc3 i canĀ“sumtimes play 30 minutes, other times only 10. In JK2 i never experinced a crash, neither in Dungeon Siege 2, which is wierd cuz its more demanding than wc3. In UT2004 i only crash if i play a map with vehicles, i think that is caused by a bad install tho...

    Any Ideas? I checked the temp. for both my GPU and CPU, and none of them get above 50-55 degrees. I tried new drivers for my graphic, old and newer without any luck. Everything in my computer has been replaced, except for
    my hard drive, but im pretty sure this happened after i replaced my RAM which was the last thing i bought.

    when i check my RAM speed in my BIOS is says 166 MHZ. This doesnt make any sense, i got 1gb og kingston PC3200 DDR400, or sumthing like that, deffently 400 MHZ, but 166 * 2 would be around 333 MHZ. I checked my Specs for my mobo and it says that DIMM 1 can go with 1gb of 3200 and DIMM 2 with 2 gb of 2700. Does this mean that if i use both, i can only run with 333 MHZ?
  2. Bellroth

    Bellroth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I checked my BIOS again and found out that i had to set my freq. manuelly for it to operate with 200, so now i got both 512 blocks running at DDR400. Still crashes tho, but just wanted to let u know i got that figured out so no need to answer on that... :D
  3. Krillk

    Krillk TS Rookie Posts: 18

    its a heat problem.. pure and simple.. almost.. eaither that or youre PSU.. but i would count on it being a problem with youre heat and youre motherboard simply rebooting to try to save the hardware..

    thats imo how it sounds
  4. Bellroth

    Bellroth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its deffently not a heat issue, neither me Ram, graphics card or CPU gets above 55 degrees, and i never seen it higher than 50.

    And how can it be my PSU when i can run some games for hours without any problems of any kind, but when i play other games, it just reboots randomly...

    Oh and i have a 400W, and when i did that powertest thing, it said i only needed appr. 273W. So i would say that leaves a bit left to work with...
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