Crashes when just before login appears...

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Aug 1, 2006
  1. Crashes just before login appears...

    Hi, I've been having a problem where just before the windows login appears, the computer will just restart. It seems to only happen when my usb keyboard is plugged in, but i'm not sure. It will go like that for a few times, then suddenly it will boot up right and work fine. If I restart, it will happen all over again. Safe mode works fine, but my usb keyboard wont work in safe mode. I have about 7 memory dumps from just today alone! I'll include the latest 4 to meet the file size limit, but can anyone tell me what they say? If you need any more info, I'll be happy to give that. Thanks!
  2. Vigilante

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    A quick "on-the-run" check of those dumps reveals a couple crashes caused by Symantec stuff. Your Antivirus. And another one from win32k.sys.

    So the first thing you could try is to remove all your Symantec software and see if it still crashes.

    Otherwise if it is indeed the keyboard, try to get the latest driver from the manufacturer. Like Microsoft's Intellitype or whatever. You could also update your chipset (including USB drivers) and see if it helps.

    The reason the PC is restarting is because it is throwing a BSOD (hence the minidumps) but is set to auto-restart.
    To turn off auto-restart: Right-click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced Tab -> Startup and Recovery Settings button -> UNcheck Automatically restart.

    Now it should stop at the blue screen instead of restart. This may give you clues as to the crashing.

    Maybe Howard or somebody can check those dumps a bit further.

    Good luck!
  3. Jcoombs

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    Well, thanks for your help. I tried uninstalling norton, but things ended up getting worse. I've decided to do a repair windows installation, back up, then format and start over. I even swapped out keyboards, heh. No luck.
  4. N3051M

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    try just using a PS/2 keyboard or an adaptor on that keyboard..

    Any new minidumps from when you've reformatted? how did you go with updating your motherboard chipset drivers?
  5. Jcoombs

    Jcoombs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, haven't been home to complete the format and installation (Im posting from my pda phone) so I don't have any new dumps. And I did swap out keyboards, I even used an adapter and a ps2 keyboard. I wasn't able to update drivers as well because it just got too bad. So if the format ends up working, I'll never know what the problem was, heh. Thanks for the help though!
  6. Vigilante

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    I still say it was Norton, getting worse after trying to remove could be a good sign of that.

    But anyhoo, I would also check your RAM for errors, because that is sometimes the case when win32k.sys gets the blame.
    Use memtest86.
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