CRC problem!!!!

By Kungen
Aug 17, 2006
  1. Hello, I have just changed motherboard and formated my hdd. When i try to install win XP (using my recovery disk which i have had used several times before) it just pops up a window "crc-fault syntax error d:\I386\asms" and I have to press OK and computer reboots. Now my question is, how come this is happening??? Ive attached all cables etc correct and nothing wrong with my HDD or mb. And dont give me answears such as "try clean the disk" coz I already done that and had no difference. All help is appreciated!!! Thaaanks!
  2. Zeratul

    Zeratul TS Rookie Posts: 70

    i had a CD about 7 or more years ago. It was working. I noticed about 2 years ago, that it is not working anymore, why? i have no idea.
    i think that your CD is like that one!!! (that's my explanation, although i don't know why, and i still can't figure it out)
  3. Kungen

    Kungen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nevermind guys, i solved problem. It didnt work out because I used an recovery disk. And that disk had to match my old motherboard to be able to install XP. So I just borrowed a friends XP disk and installed xp. Thanks anyway for your time :)
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