Creating a dvd library on a NAS...etc

By k.jacko
Dec 20, 2007
  1. Ok, first off, i really couldn't find the best forum to post this in, so please move as requried.

    Right, brass tacks;

    I'm creating a fully cat5e (and probably coax too while i'm at it) embedded network in the house i'm about to move into.
    I've just installed Vista Home Premium as a dual boot on my main pc, and it links nicely to the xbox360 for the media center bits n bobs.
    My intention is to put c2d pc's in each of the kids rooms, running Vista HP too. They will also, (eventually) have tv cards in so they can watch tv from their rooms.
    I would like to put a NAS box on the network for central storage and create a library of all our dvd's on there, so the kids can just use their media centre to select a dvd and watch it, rather than finding the disc and playing it through their dvd drive.
    1. How do i successfully copy a dvd film to the NAS so that it populates the media center list and can be watched by clicking its thumbnail. Drag'n'drop TS files etc or is there specific software that will do it all for me?
    2. If 2 kids wanted to watch either the same film or different films at the same time from their own bedrooms, would they experience stuttering due to the load? Indeed can the same film be watched simultaneously by 2 pc's on the network?
    3. Bearing in mind my first point about flooding cat5e through the house, i thought i'd flood coax in as well, for tv/radio quality to each room. Any other cabling to consider?
    The answers you nice people give, may raise more questions, so be prepared. :D
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