Creating duel boot WinXP / Linux (Ubuntu) from scratch?

By Wobwill
Apr 7, 2007
  1. Hi All,

    I am thinking about formatting my hard disk and restarting everything from scratch. I would like some advice please!

    I have a 320G hard drive. (In practice this is about 300G)

    I am thinking about partitioning it like this

    6G - Pagefile
    4G - Swapfile
    10G - Windows XP Home (NTFS)
    10G - Ubuntu (EXT 3)
    10G - Windows Programs (NTFS)
    10G - Ubuntu Programs (EXT 3)
    50G X 4 - Data (FAT 32)

    Please would people tell me what they think of my idea and any thoughts they have about it!


    PS - please tell me if I am right in thinking I can have the program folders for each OS in a separate partition to the OS' themselves.
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  3. Wobwill

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    Hi CCT

    I have seen the video before - it's good.

    My idea is to create a system where the two OS's can share storage drives, and also that works efficiently. For example I have heard that Page and Swap files should be on the outside edge of the HD so that they can be accessed more quickly. I have also heard that it is a good idea to separate the OS from the program files so that if you want to reinstall the OS you don't then need to reinstall a load of programs or other data.

    Is what I want within the bounds of possibility or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  4. CCT

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    Heya: you can set up OS partitions and data/program partitions that way as far as I know un any settup.

    As far as where you put the partitions, in todays computers it really is of little importance. Drive access is fast even on 500 Gb drives with the newer processors.

    Go to this site and join - more Linux/Ubuntu stuff than you could hope for:

    They have a primer;
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