Creating stationery and signatures in outlook 2003

By k.jacko
Nov 27, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    I'm tasked with updating our email stationery with a nice new design.
    Now we all know MS Office sucks the fat one when it comes to DTP, so i use the Adobe Creative Suite.
    Problem is, i don't know how to convert my design from InDesign into an htnl document, which is seemingly the only filetype that email stationery or signatures can be saved in. I have no idea how to use Go Live either.
    The other problem is that i need our email and web addresses to be hyperlinks in the sig. so i can't just save it as a jpeg and paste it into word then save that as html, import it into the sig and bingo!

    Any suggestions please?
    I have over 50 personalised ones to do, so i'm really looking for an easy workaround for this.

    Many thanks
  2. fastco

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  3. k.jacko

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    fastco, thanks mate, thats a great help. Although, awkward that my boss may be, he wants all the company details, including hyperlinks for our url and email addresses inside a colour block, not below it as text.
    And once the image has been imported you then insert text below it, which is not what we want, sadly! :(

    Any other ideas?
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