Creative Extigy MP3 popping problem?

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Dec 10, 2003
  1. Hi, I just purchased a Creative Extigy and am having some problems. First, installation went smoothly. I've read up about the potential issues with the Extigy so I doubled checked if I had DMA enabled (which I did), and also my laptop specs are well within the minimum and recommended requirements (Win xp pro., 600 mhz celeron, 256 ram). My problem is that when I play MP3s on my laptop with the Extigy running the show, I hear static and popping sounds. I realize this could be b/c of bandwidth problems with the USB, however I'm only using one port (the Extigy), and I checked the task manager and the CPU is only working roughly 25 to 30%, and my memory usage is about 200 ram (I have a 256 ram), so I'm sorta confused on why I'm having this static/popping problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, what's strange is that when I play DVD or DivX movies, the audio is crystal clear...
  2. Krugger

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    does it matter which program you are using to play these mp3? ie winamp or wmp etc?
  3. PC Dawg

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    i don't think it matters...i first tried the creative playcenter. When the popping/static started, I switched to Windows Media Player and had the same problem. Another weird thing (maybe it's in my mind), when I was doing something with my computer which required substantial use of the CPU resources, it actually sounded clear...however, when the CPU went back to normal, the static/popping came back...
  4. aquarajustin

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    same problem

    i have an Extigy, and I'm having the same problem. it doesn't matter what i'm listening to on my pc, there are occasional pops (too occasional), and i have a friggin 2.66 ghz p4 w/1gig of ram
    it worked fine with my athlon xp 1500, i don't know what the the deal is
    i even tried installing a pci usb card, same thing
    if you've figured out what the problem is, please let me know

    Edited because of language
  5. Slyguitar

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    I had the same problem for like a year and I just figured out how to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is a mapping problem!!!!!

    Are you ready for me to tell you how to stop the friggin popping noise?

    1) Go to the taskbar at the bottom rite hand side of you desktop and double left click the (Safely Remove Hardware) Icon.

    2) Highlight Creative SB Extigy and click properties.

    3) Left click the (Properties) tab at the top of the window that pops up.

    4) Left click the + sign next to (Audio Devices)

    5) Highlight (Creative SB Extigy) and the left click the (properties) tab at the bottom.

    6) Make sure (Use audio features on this device) is selected and put a check next to (Do not map though this device).

    7) Hit (Apply) and (OK).

    8) Restart your computer and listen to popping noise free music!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Slyguitar

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    Also remove visualizations in Media Player. For some reason it takes massive recorces and creats skipping and clipping.

    To do this open an mp3 and rite click on the visualization.
    Sellect no visualizations.

  7. MYOB

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    This threads been bounced from the basement twice....
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