Creative Insipire 6.1 6700 - Problem with Sound Quality

By karl0415
Jan 1, 2005
  1. Pentium 4 - 2.7ghz
    Ram - 768MB
    OS - Windows XP

    I have recently received the Creative 6.1 6700 Inspire Surround Speakers, and bought the Creative Audigy 2 Value Sound Card. I installed them and everything seems to be working correctly, when I perform a speaker test, all speakers are identified correctly.

    When playing a DVD Movie, the sound is just fine even at it's loudest, but when I play an mp3 or a cd track, I can't put the volume all the way up, because it starts to sound distorted. It kind of sounds like when a track is skipping .. but not so quite. I don't know how to explain it clearly. I can play tracks clearly with the volume bar maybe 35% up, not more, because it starts to cut off kind of.

    What do you guys think could be the problem? Or is it normal for these speakers+soundcard to do this?

    Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated.



    P.S. - Correction

    I have noticed that when playing a DVD movie, the sound gets also distored when the volume bar is at it's loudest, but with a DVD movie it goes up a little bit higher than a audio track before it starts cutting off.
  2. ray.birch

    ray.birch TS Rookie

    Same problem?

    Is it like a crackly sound that you get coming from your speakers? I've got one on mine, which just happens on my sub when the bass is over a quarter and the volume is in the same region as you.
  3. Gesada

    Gesada TS Rookie

    Music skips when played too loud.

    I have a large 3 cd player that will skip when the volume is too loud. My theory is that the cd or the laser in the drive is vibrating from the loud volume. :giddy:
  4. ltboy

    ltboy TS Rookie

    Turn the bass down on your computer. Use your sound system to manage the bass. Your problem can be caused by your computer sending too much bass to speakers that aren't designed to handle it(ie. the little satellite speakers). Most cheap systems will give you a popping sound whenever the bass hits, but I've known higher end systems to cut out completely, probably to avoid damage to the speakers.
    Also, are you using the hardware audio decoders? Your problem can be caused by an overloaded computer system using the CPU to process the audio instead of handing the task off to the audio card.
    As for Gesada's theory, you're is correct. And actually, it's both. The CD is rather loosly set on the spindle inside the CD player and the laser is quite loosly mounted. You should avoid causing your CD to skip like this as the CD can actually get bounced off the spindle... That is unless you enjoy replacing your CDs and cleaning pieces of them out of your player...
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