Creative Labs DE5621 EXT serial modem

By seeker1
Jun 23, 2005
  1. It's not a network, but this board seemed the best place for my question. I'm having a couple of problems which appear to be related to the modem itself. The most significant of which is that the Windows will sometimes crash to a BSOD with the following error message:


    ***STOP: 0X000000D1

    ****ACFVA.SYS - Address F884EDA3 Base at F884D000, Datestamp 3D2A1E19

    The only thing that I have been able to decipher from this is that ACFVA.SYS is a modem file. Anybody know anything more about this?

    The other problem is that while my connection to my ISP remains active, the ability to receive data soon reduces and/or quits, requiring me to disconnect and redial. Again, I hope someone knows something about this.
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