Creative Live! Drive

By BlackFox187
Oct 13, 2005
  1. i have an old creative sound blaster 5.1 platinum, and my old live drive recently fried out (derno what happened) and i replaced it with a new one, well i hook it up, and nothing works. as in the drive is nowhere to be found. its getting power (i know because the optical out light is on) but none of the extra audio controls (mic2, spdif, aux2, etc...) so i was guessing maybe the chord was bad. well i found an old ide cable without any blocked out pins that would fit. put it in the same way the last cable was in (i checked which way the marked red wire was facing to figure it out) hooked it up and still nothing. ive already sent an email to creative, i hope to hear something back from them soon. but for now im wondering if anyone here has any ideas. its a brand new live drive, so i dont think there could by anything wrong with it, and its not like my sound card is messed up. are there any other drivers i need? i really dont know why this is going on. ive reformatted my computer since the last time my old one was working, so i really dont remember if there was any extra stuff that i might be missing.
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