Creative Unveils New Music & Sound Effects Creation Tools

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Mar 9, 2003
  1. MILPITAS, Calif., March 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Creative Technology Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital entertainment for PC users, today announced groundbreaking new audio technologies for simultaneous rendering of multiple environments & creation of interactive multi-channel content for PC game development.

    EAX 4.0 introduces the spatialization of multiple reverberant environments along with an extensible library of audio effects algorithms. The Multi-Environment feature of the EAX 4.0 API allows for the rendering of multiple, simultaneous audio environments & effects in real time. Developers can now create tremendously rich & highly defined audio landscapes, by placing different 3D environments around the listener. The EAX 4.0 API also offers a host of new effects algorithms, allowing developers to incorporate studio effects such as chorus, flanger, frequency shifter, echo & many more, within a mixing framework analogous to traditional studio production systems. Like previous versions of EAX, EAX 4.0 can be used with either OpenAL or Microsoft DirectSound 3D.

    Would you like to know more?
  2. May they come with EAX 5 if they want, I won't buy anything from Creative again.
  3. Boogie

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    They stopped supporting the A1 Win 98 drivers already :confused:

    I won't buy anymore of their cards either !
  4. TS | Thomas

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    Most manufacturers don't support anything beneath Windows 98 SE now, not a Creative problem really. The SonicXplosion DVD I just reviewed for example doesn't even provide VXD Drivers, only WDM for Windows 98 SE & beyond.
  5. I refering to Win 98se. The last A1 driver update was months ago.
  6. Actually, it's more or less official that creative dropped support for A1 altogether, when people have to hack other product's drivers (A2) to get driver update (funny, you mention they don't support win98se, yet, A2 win98se drivers are available) it says a lot about a company.

    But creative problems go beyond customer support, it's well know that their cards are poorly developed (i.e A1 (not sure about A2)not fully pci 2.1 compliant), there were even some rumors that A1 was nothing but a higher clocked live.
  7. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 1,319

    I don't really understand that. I mean in the past month or 2 there were new drivers posted for both the Live! & Audigy 2. How does that therefore equate that Audigy support must therefore be dead? After all the Live! is much older than the Audigy. Anyway, minor thing.

    Anyway, I've moaned a bit about that in the audigy 2 review. the drivers for the audigy 2 can be made work with the live!/audigy because they are intending to be using some universal driver format, like nvidia do. For odd reasons they don't seem to be there yet & its been like that for ages.
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