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Feb 4, 2004
  1. Hi there!!

    I'm now in my spending months where I buy all kinds of stuff till I run out of money again :p

    I was tired of my bulky conventional cd player so I bought a creative zen:


    It's got 30 gigs of space and it's sound is very good.

    The thing is that, as you may know, It saves the mp3 files in a hdd disk, not in a memory device. I'm now going to the gym and I run about 30 minutes every day. Thats a lot of movement and I'm afraid that the HDD will get damaged or it will eventually fail.

    Should I turn of the Zen player while I'm running?
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    That's a good question. Most modern laptop hard drives are rated for higher than 150Gs... Hopefully you'll never be in a situation where you'll both exposed to this kind of force. ;) You'd die a gruesome death, most likely.

    But small force applied over a long period of time.. Hmm.... I wonder if that would have negative effects?
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    I'm sure it will be fine, what type of warranty does it have? I've actually been looking into purchasing one recently...havent decided which brand yet...
  4. dani_17

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    I read in the next faq question:

    · Can I use the Zen while jogging?
    Creative Labs do not recommend you use the Zen while jogging. The impact loads sustained are presumably too much for the laptop hard disk.

    The thing is that Creative is probably now going to hold responsability for the hdd. It's more of a question to ask to Fujitsu, the manufacturer of the drive.

    I also know that in the gym where I go there is a woman with an Ipod. For 4 months she hadn't had a problem. But that makes no difference, since the Ipod has also an hdd drive.

    I sent a technichal email to creative and I'll post the result as soon as I get a response from it.
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    While some are thinking of buying a Creative Zen, consider the post below. There are problems with the zen. Anyone know of a solution?

    I have just received a Zen touch and had exactly the same problem. I too am therefore disgruntled. I have tried various usb ports, usb1 and2 conections ( I have both), various cables and combinations and the same happens. I have also tried win xp and win98, and other disks I have with the same result. I have managed to transfer 120 os so mp3s (a small proportion of those I have been trying to transfer) but never the contents of a full folder. After a proportion of the files are transferred then Zen touch becomes 'busy' or 'not connected'.
    Is is a USB power problem? Should a powered usb hub cure it?
    But is this surely is Creative's problem. It is obviously a known issue but what are they doing about it?
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  6. irharg

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    This is the original question referred to.

    Dear All,

    Am the disgruntled owner of a brand new Creative Zen touch 20gb mp3 player which apparently works with usb 2.0. After installing the software which came on the cd (file transfer software i think and maybe nomad explorer) the Zen appears to get recognised by the pc with no problems when i connect via the usb cable. The Zen also displays 'docked' which is all very well. However if i select say 10 tracks to download to the player the xp progress bar seems to halt at around 60-70% and eventually the program (nomad) complains that the operation cannot be completed. I noticed that the small hard drive in the player feels as though it is 'spinning down' around a similar time to the message being displayed. If at this stage i refresh the players view in nomad explorer it can be found with no problem....its just i cant write to it until i unplug the usb from the zen and reconnect. I spoke to creative who told me that because my pc (in system devices) reports that my usb is an 'open host' adapter...this means it cannot supply adequate power to the player....but surely USB2.0 is USB2.0 and if something claims to be USB2.0 compliant that would be the end of the story?? The usb card im using is a belkin usb 2.0 pci card and is also pretty new. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Mark J.
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