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critique me............

By Dinrock
Sep 11, 2003
  1. I was invited to introduce myself as new to the forum and want to invite anyone to critique my sample test page at Tripod:
    That is only "temporary" as I used Tripod to test & see how my layout looks, page loads, etc. My REAL page is currently being worked on as of this writing to which I'll upload it to my domain server in Calgary, Canada.
    I am a fulltime cartoonist who hopes this site will act as a good online catalog which will make available over 2000 different images available. Although don't click those catalog links yet, I need to activate those into viewable thumbnail galleries or catalogs. I'm building using WYSIWYG with Frontpage 2002. I decided to keep my page basic, the look simple and the overall approach as easy as possible.
    I do have a built in Paypal wizard as an add-in so I can take my credit card orders etc. I already know about all the other credit card & shopping carts but like I said...."simplicity" is key to how I am planning. I have over a quarter of a century's worth of experience as a fulltime freelance cartoonist. Anyone familiar with the Chicken Soup For the Soul books can see my cartoons in Christian Soul, Pet Lovers Soul, The Mother's Soul, The Gardener's Soul, and soon to come out, Bride's Soul.
    I am also under contract with several other publishers here in the states. If you check out my page, you'll notice I'm laying it out in tables and am nesting about 3 tables within my "primary" table.
    If there is feedback or questions, don't hesitate t contact me. I look forward to helping anyone else in this forum...take care everyone and definitely keep in touch!

    Dan Rosandch
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