Crossover Wire

By Ollie30001
Jul 6, 2004
  1. Stupid question, but does it matter what way you put the crossover wiere in? i mean like, do i have to put the "speaking2 end in the computer i want to be the main one, and the "listening" end it the other computer.

    and another (probably) stupid question, after i set up my network, only one of the computers has the thing, "my network places" i was wondering if the was supposed to be on the "main" computer (one im using" and not the other one.....cus it aint come up on mine?

    Thanks you..... :)
  2. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    No, talk is wired to listen on both ends, so basically all you have to do is plug either end into either computer.

    In any case, both machines are constantly listening and speaking to each other. Its not a one way conversation ever. In fact, even just to perform the most simple network operation requires a great deal of talking on both ends.

    The other cables just connect talk to talk and listen to listen, so all they do is connect the computer to something else that can organise the conversation - i.e. a switch or a hub. That's why you use straight through cables with a hub or switch and crossed cables with none.
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