Crucial, Mushkin, Patriot, OCZ, Kingston or Corsair? for OCing

By truflip
Mar 29, 2006
  1. Crucial Ballistix for OCing?!

    Heres what I got.. my budget is anything between $100-150 Canadian.. I am thinking of the Crucial Ballistix because they are good overclockers, well priced and these seem to be most stable on my eVGA 133-K8-NF43 board.

    Crucial Ballistix:

    BUT, i want to give the other brands/types a chance to sell me so I have the following to try and beat the crucial. I need your opinions please. Thank you.

    Mushkin HP:

    Patriot: &manufacture=Patriot

    OCZ Premier: Technology&promoid=1006

    Kingston HyperX DDR433:

    Kingston HyperX DDR400 1T:

    Corsair TwinX:

    I wanna be able to run my 3000+ Venice at 267HTT 1:1 with the memory. so i need something stable on the NF43 board. Thanks in advanced for your help =]
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