Crysis Demo my video! tell me what y'all think

By Condor ยท 14 replies
Oct 28, 2007

    Running this game on everything max except shadow on my 2 year old rig without a slow down or shutter, but if Frap is on there would be a slightly ljerkness. Give this game a try on yall system and see if your PC can play it. Beautiful FPS game i must say! ^_^
  2. Nick Lee

    Nick Lee TS Enthusiast Posts: 111

    Nice, my system has it as low (lol) but Imma see if I can turn things up. Also this is the first game that still looks beautiful on low settings.

    *Edited* - I now have them on Med and high.... Sweet...
  3. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Booster Posts: 322   +8

    I saw quite a bit of stutter, but whatever... nice run!!!

    BTW:Are you running on XP or Vista?
  4. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    I couldnt get it to run at 1600x1200 with Athlon X2 5000 and 7900GTs in SLI. Hopefully its just a driver issue. I can play Bioshock with everything on high.
  5. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    Very nice.
  6. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,273

    Wow... if you can run it on your specs i'll have to give it a try :haha:

    My specs are the same as yours except I have 512mb RAM so I might have to play with medium instead of max like you
  7. Schmutz

    Schmutz TS Rookie Posts: 126

    You're playing on High in DX9 yeah? Is shadows the only thing you've turned off, I don't see motion blur when you turn quickly and it doesn't seem to look like mine does on high. I have Q6600 Quad core, 2900PRO, 2GB RAM and I play on high in DX10 and it runs very well but the game slows down a lot when I turn! It does this on all settings, low/medium/high/very high so I have my fingers crossed its a driver issue (I read 2900XT/Pro suck in crysis at the moment)
  8. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,485   +45

    Doesnt really look all that impressive to me, I think bioshock still has the best graphics currently.
  9. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    You can't really tell graphics quality when you are watching something shrunk down to that size and converted to flash.

    I'm interested in how you got it to run on 'max' settings. I've got an 8800GTS and while I only played it at 1280x800 I had the game do a best guess for my hardware and it defaulted everything to Medium, with possible choices of Very High, High, Medium, and Low. Based on how it played I think I could get by with either 1440x900 on Medium, or bump most or all of the things to High at 1280x800. But I certainly don't expect a 1900XT to do that well. Not bashing your card, but it shouldn't be running it all that well unless you really killed the resolution.

    From the TS Review
    As you can see the 1950 is quite a bit below the 8800GTS. Other benchmarks (as you can see in the review) follow similarly.
  10. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,485   +45

    I need to put my card to some use. I play one online game and I still feel like my card is collecting dust.
  11. Schmutz

    Schmutz TS Rookie Posts: 126

    But max settings for this guy is "high" because its definately not DX10 - very high. Then you consider shadows and some other things seem to be on medium, its more believable :)
  12. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 388

    yep : )
    For those that wanna watch a real in-game video without compression, dl this High Quality video (99MB) here: Made by owner.

    w0ot you guess it right :D i sorta killed the solution.
    I always set my resolution to 1024x168 [ Running on Window XP Pro btw]
    ss: [​IMG]

    and my advance setting look like this, try that on your system and see if it can run on all high except turning off shadow and Postprocessing Quality.
    ss: [​IMG]

    when Frap is off, shutter or lag won't be notice much unless the game doing their checkpoint auto saving.

    PS. i wonder if adding other gig of ram, will it reduce the shutters when Frap is activated?
  13. Schmutz

    Schmutz TS Rookie Posts: 126

    I tried 4gb RAM instead of 2gb and it didn't make recording with fraps any easier :( The game just sees the extra resources and gobbles them up too! Maybe going from 1gb to 2gb won't have this effect... I get around a 25% framerate drop when I'm recording, if I just look in a single direction I can record at 20-30fps but as soon as I start turning it drops to 10-15fps! (and it looks like even less to me...)
  14. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    I have very little time to tweak all these things to see what the absolute max I can play is. But last night I bumped it up to 1368xsomething (was higher according to the scale, but may not have been for total pixels) and I didn't notice any difference. So I bumped a few more things up to high. Probably won't have time to better test tonight either, at least not until late. Mictlanteculti has probably already figured out what the max he can play under and his setup is very similar to mine (his is slightly higher).

    Edit: Almost forgot, CPU usage during gameplay looks different than I'd expect. Early on I paid attention to what was happening and one CPU core was full of spikes, taking it from 60-95%, while the other core was much lower. Average usage was around 55%. Later on in the game though, the core that was lower usage before had increased, not sure whether this is due to the game better using both cores... or whether Windows felt like it needed to do some stuff in the background. I think the high core did drop some, because I don't recall seeing overall CPU usage up any significant amount.
  15. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 388

    i heard they disable sli/crossfire on the demo, but not sure getting the most from duo core.
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