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By equin0x
Feb 18, 2007
  1. Since last week whenever I start counterstrike after 5-10 mins my FPS will drop from 60 to >15, I've noticed a proccess called 'system' begins to use 27% of CPU but only 213k memory also my fan goes on, I've tried everything from unistalling to doing a system restore. I've also virus scanned, ad-adaware scanned and used Spybot search and destroy, all with no luck :(

    I've tried changing all the video options within CS, editing the autoconfig, used d3d instead of gpl.......

    The comp has a 1.5ghz processor and 512mb RAM, this is low but it should be and has been more than enough to get a good game of cs out of. I'm just about to format the HD but was wondering if anyone has had the same problem?
  2. wolfram

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    Did you check the CPU and video card temperatures? They may be running a bit hot. Excessive heat can slow down computer components.

    BTW, welcome to Techspot! :)
  3. equin0x

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    Thanks for the welcome :), how would I go about checking the temperature?

    I've downloaded a utility called process explorer and looked into what it was within 'system' which caused the increase in cpu usage. It turned out to be a process called 'senfilt' which is used by 'soundmax intergrated digital audio drivers', I've tried downloading and installing the latest drivers however this has not helped! =(
  4. wolfram

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