CS:S connection problems...

By asda653
Dec 28, 2005
  1. puke: ever since I got the latest update, steam has been ****ting on me. HL2 Deathmatch froze on startup, making me restart my comp. later, that problem went away. now, I can enter CS:S but when I try to join a game it shows the status bar and it stays on "Connecting" for a bit, then it says "Connection failed after 4 retries". now, I thought it might be the server i was trying to connect to so I tried a bunch of different servers and EVERY ONE of them didn't connect. something here must be screwed up. is there anything you think I can do to resolve this problem?

    ps. I tried turning off my antivirus program, no difference. I also tried telling valve but there has been no response..

    EDIT: I recently noticed it would only do that on custom maps.. still, custom maps are a big part of my CS:S repretoire (sp?)
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