CS:Source crashes on load screen?

By kregin ยท 6 replies
Dec 18, 2005
  1. Hi my cs:source will boot to loading screen then after a few seconds it will reboot my system. Ive been looking all over the forums for a fix and saw none. please help also i do have the lastest drivers for my video card and i tried rollin them back and still no luck and i put my old FX 5200 in and still no luck.

    Pro: 2.8ghz+ AMD
    1g ram
    GFroce 6200 fx OC
    MSI board
  2. Chamot

    Chamot TS Rookie

    Do you get any problems with other games? How about other source engine games(HL2, DOD: S)? This could be anything from a failing PSU to a motherboard driver problem to a system component overheating (not the vid card obviously, since you tried with a different one). Try looking for different drivers (start with the newest) for the mobo first.
  3. kregin

    kregin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i got my 5200 to work

    other than this game i have never had a video card issue before with any game. im not sure if HL2 works i havnt installed it again. I went and put my 5200 back in and its working but still no luck with the 6200. i send steam a video/graphics bug report and am waiting for a reply but im not holding my breath. also i have gotten a system reboot with the 5200 since i put it back in but only when i alt tab once or twice. so i dont think its an over heating issue with any of my components.

    what else do you think could be the issue since ive never had trouble with any other game?
    CoD, CoD2, BF1942-BF2, F.E.A.R, EQ2, WWII Online, i mean BF2 and CoD2 plus fear are all graphic challenging games and if i have no problem with those then why source, but a 5200 card can run it? i dont get it.
  4. Chamot

    Chamot TS Rookie

    Sorry, out of ideas honestly. As I said, your power supply unit might be insufficient (do you know its brand?), or it could be a specific driver issue with your setup. Can't say much more than what I've already said in my first post; update motherboard drivers then clean out the video card drivers (you can use driver cleaner for that) and re-install them?

    I've tried to dig up some answers in google (for a fellow WWIIOL'er :)), and here are some forum pages with similar problems:


    These all seem to point a specific problem with NV cards (6200 especially) and CS: S, and suggested solutions seem to be clening the drivers and installing some other driver version (the threads seem to suggest different sets).

    That's all I can say really, hope you get it working.

    Edit- Apparently there's another active thread about this problem right here (https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic35836.html) that i hadn't noticed.
  5. kregin

    kregin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey thxs

    hey thanks im still workin on it hopefully ill make some progress with my situation. do you still play WWII online? it really has come along way tons of fun to play tho.
  6. Spikyalex

    Spikyalex TS Rookie

    Driver update

    I know this is a noob reply but the newest drivers from Nvidia DO fix this problem, I have a Geforce 6200 which was causing trouble and now it works:)
  7. vcsniper556

    vcsniper556 TS Rookie

    I also have the same problem with the 6200oc. My comp would reset when starting up CS-source and DOD source. Its the vid cards fault and only the cards. I installed the update from nvidia and CS-S runs fine now, but my CS-1.6 and Guild wars now have problems and crash. So if i want to play cs-source i update to newest driver. If i want to play cs-1.6 or guild wars, i uninstall new driver, and install old driver that came with video card. Also this vid card blows, half my other games that worked on my 8 meg vid card i got with my computer in 1999, have graphic problems with my new 6200 card. In Janes USAF a flight sim, my sky is all messed up. In AVP2 the charaters in the game shutter, in Nascar 2002 the car shutters. Again all these games worked fine, just lagged a little with my original 8 meg vid card. WTF i cant bring my 6200oc back cause i bought it in July and it can only be brought back with in 21 days. I am calling nvidia and compaining. I hate this waste of money.
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