CS source with OnBoard graphics?

By CSplayer
Sep 23, 2007
  1. I want to by the graphics card ASUS M2N-VM DVI GeForce7050/MCP630a .

    This graphics card has Nvidia® Geforce®7 Series Shader model 3.0 DirectX 9 on board (Max. Shared Memory: 256 MB). I will also buy me 2GB DDR2 RAM.

    Now my brother plays CounterStrike without problems with the older Nvidia® Geforce®6800 , which is not OnBoard.

    My question is, if with the new ASUS mainboard with graphics OnBoard I will also will be able to play CS (fluidly)? It has a better graphics chip, but it is graphics OnBoard on the other side. Anyone some experiences?

    Another question is: I dont understand that my browther's seperate graphics card need a ventilator while "OnBoard" graphics normally do not. Can I reason, that this OnBoard graphics chip not operates at full capicity?
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    With regards to your question, you could play CS:S with onboard graphics but you wouldn't get as good graphics and smoothness as if you had a proper graphics card. You would have to have the settings on low quality to get acceptable frame rates whereas with the GeForce 7050 that you mentioned you could probably use fairly good settings and get a better gameplay experience.

    Onboard graphics don't need cooling of their own because they don't make as much heat as an agp or pci-e card because they are not as powerful and don't have their own ram, as far as i know they use your system ram.
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