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CS1.6 FPS Problem

By FLaMeSJ969
Feb 16, 2006
  1. Hey, I've been playing cs for awhile now, and i normally didn't have any fps, yeah it would drop here and there... but for some reason now... it drops whenever i see any ct or t model... whenever else I'm just running around.. 100 fps, whenever a model comes to view.. it would drop to the 40s.. any idea how i can fix this w/o reformatting..., i also tried getting video card drives... didn't help, and i reinstalled cs too.. thanks

    Oh yeah, i forgot to add specs.. I have an AMD Athlon, 1.05ghz(i know) radeon 9200, 728 ram.. also, i keep vsync off and no to trueform either... i have the newest drivers for my vid card too
  2. wenyiyangjin

    wenyiyangjin TS Rookie

    the specs is enough .
    but did you install other game or software after that ?
    or you should take a total virus check.
  3. FLaMeSJ969

    FLaMeSJ969 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    mmm, yeah, like i said, before, i had no such problem, cept for the smoke grenades, other than that... i was getting 100 through and through... idk, maybe it can be a virus thing.. ill check that out.. and also, i reformated.. so its not a windows problem..
  4. FLaMeSJ969

    FLaMeSJ969 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah.. I did a whole virus check and got mad stuff deleted.. including cs.. but still no help u_u

    Help.. :eek:
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