Ctrl alt delete issue..

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Oct 12, 2006
  1. Umm, well, Im not sure how to explain it, so I'l try my best..

    Right now, when I press ctrl+alt+delete, all it does is activate the Task Manager..

    Few weeks ago, when I pressed ctrl+alt+delete, every thing, include the desktop would be gone, and a window with 6 options would come up.

    2 of them were Shut Down, and Task Manager.

    So in other words, how do I make it be like that? Because for example when Im in a game, and the game freezes, nothing helps, even pressing the Windows key, so I could press ctrl alt delete, and everything, including the desktop AND the frozen game would dissappear, and I could silenty click Task Manager at the window that showed up, and close the game...

    Today, when a game freezes, I press ctrl+alt+delete, and nothing happens, the game still frozen and it is impossible to minimize it.

    My ctrl alt delete, how you say, aint "powerful" enough...

    So in short, I want to make that when I press ctrl+alt+delete, everything will be gone and the window will show up.

    Hopefully I explained it clearly, and since I dont know what it is called\connected to, I couldnt look up in the Search button.

    Thank you alot for the help...
  2. TimeParadoX

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    It's probably just a frozen computer, not frozen game.. Sometimes if you game or have too many programs running at once ( for example Itunes, Game, and Internet Explorer or what ever you use ) will lower your CPU speed and heat up your machine causing it to slow down

    Oh also.. Welcome to Techspot! =)
  3. Fwenny

    Fwenny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks.. ^^

    That doesnt matter, I still want to make that when I press ctrl+alt+delete, everything will be gone and the window will pop up.
  4. TimeParadoX

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    Well depends on what game you play actualy.. Some games offer a option called "Windowed Mode" and you will play in a window instead and you can just widescreen it and check "Hide Borders" so it's really like befor but it doesnt take 50 years to get out of the Windows button of death so you dont die by 10 hordes ( World of Warcraft ) so in windows mode you can just click the windows button and it'll just open the Start Panel and you'll go out of game like the Ctrl + alt + delete and will probably save you lag time and will be able to open external programs no problem =D

    Sorry if it's confusing.. I get off topic sometimes =P
  5. ryantruck

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  6. Fwenny

    Fwenny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    What the hell? @_@

    I did this like 20 times, disabled the welcome screen, and when I pressed ctrl alt delete, it still brought only the Task Manager, now when I did it, it actually worked.... Something fishy.. >>

    Errr... Thanks I guess, thought I have no idea why didnt it work before..

    Its ok, you make sense actaully. >>

    But I already fixed it (somehow?!), so thanks for the help.
  7. TimeParadoX

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    lol ok =D

    If you need any help on other stuff ask me in a message
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