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Jun 8, 2007
  1. Ref thread link

    I thought i would post a threat here because it also relates to this specific thread topic.

    Basically I am open to any suggestions regarding building an SLI Intel based PC. I already bought the Antec 900 Case.

    My eyes are set on a 700-850 watt PSU, thing is i dont want to pay ridiculous money for a PSU that i would pay for mobo. 700W PSU


    And GPU:

    All on this EVGA mobo (I kno there are plenty of other parts like CPU i need to get a DVD ROM Etc..)

    Sounds good anyone agree??

    Also I will buy two of those GTS cards, but not at the same time

    Quick concern. If I buy the EVGA board which memory standard is DDR2 1200, will it matter if i buy standard memory the is DDR2 800??? If it does then i think i might be forced to reconsider my build because I can buy another board that is perhaps more money but that memory standard will be DDR2 800....
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    Links are dead.
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    Do not skimp on the power supply. It is the most important part of the computer because without it the computer would have no power. And since the PSU is connected to everything in the computer, if it is low quality (i.e. cheap) and it dies, it is highly probable that it will take the rest of the computer out with it. Never skimp on the PSU to make the computer fit your budget. Skimp on other things, and buy an expensive PSU from a good brand.
  4. Myzz617

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  5. MetalX

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    That first power supply (the OCZ 700W) is one of the best ones out there :). You should maybe get a new case if you want more ventilation. I have an Antec Nine Hundred and it is so well ventilated that my videocard fan can be on 25% and still remain under 50C at max load. And my video card (GeForce 7950GT) is based on the G71 core, which can get quite hot normally, not to mention it's heavily overclocked!

    AND my Nine Hundred only has the fans that came with it. I haven't filled the 2 spare 120mm fan slots yet. If you need a new case... get a Nine Hundred, you won't be disappointed ;).
  6. Myzz617

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    I own the Antec900 already..Mobo and PSU, possibly RAM are the next things im thinking of buying, CPU and GPU last..I have about a week or untill june20th i can wait to buy the Mobo PSU and RAM.

    The case has 4 fans, two cool the Hdd's one up top and one is back. So Will I be ok with those plus GPU and CPU fans? Anyone know a way of tacking a fan on the side vent? If you need a pic of what im taking about send me a PM :D
  7. MetalX

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    I only have the 4 fans in my case, and everything stays under 45C at max load (even the overclocked videocard with it's fan at 25%). To put a fan on the side slot, you don't even need tools. It has 4 plastic bars sticking out that go into the screw holes on the fan, and it has 2 retainers that hold the fan in place once it has been inserted. Also, another fan can be installed on the other side of the hard drive cage. The case comes with a black plastic object that can be attached to the inside section of a hard drive cage and can be used to increase airflow. Only problem with this is that the cage that the fan is installed in cannot have any drives in it.

    But I can safely say that even without the extra 2 fans, that case will keep your computer cool even with SLI.
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    These two motherboards seem great, which one is better

    I prefer the A1, this is expected PSU, it went down a few bucks :D

    If i can only run RAM that maches up with the mobos standard memory type, PC1200, then this is what i am probably going to buy

    If I can run PC 800 on this mobo with no problems, in fact this issue is now my largest cause of hesitance then i will buy

    I prefer to buy the above RAM, so please someone help...:D?
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    I use this one alot because of how much fans it comes with, it keeps it really cool! :)


    CD drive:


    CPU cooler: None, I don't really know any good ones for AM2 on newegg, you could perhaps find one on another site or from someone here

    Videocard ( x2 for SLI ):

    Total: $1337 ( lol )

    It's probably not the cheapest build, If I still had my other list I would show you a awesome build for only $920 and it's SLI :)
  10. tonski03

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    need help :D

    hey sorry desktop building newbie here <---------
    id just like to know if those parts you posted up there for a complete gaming pc, is that a "good" gaming pc? i mean, could it play WoW, CnC:3, Doom3, (these are the games i play atm) smoothly in max setting ?

    Also im looking forward to the games that are coming soon like StarCraft:2, Crysis, Hellgate:London, probably Half Life:2 Ep:2 ... so can that PC setting play those games well? what do you guys think?

    thanks a lot i appreciate any reply, i really wana buy a new PC now and can't wait for the new games to come out before i try to buy a new desktop.


    edit* my budget, around $1500, dont wana get up to $1700+
  11. TimeParadoX

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    The system I linked above would play any game out today and ones that are coming out, you wouldn't have to upgrade for like 6 years! :D
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    If you dont want to do this then you dont want a good system, you're also willing to put ALL OF YOUR HARDWARE at risk of shooting sparks. Goodluck as you are about to make one of the more common noob moves.
  13. LinkedKube

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    hey, no thread hi-jacking, go into forums and click on the appropriate section to create your own thread.
  14. tonski03

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    sorry i had no intention of thread hi-jacking, i guess i just asked too many questions :D

    anyway thanks, i just wanted to know how that setup would fare on current games and upcoming games ^^
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