Customizer Tool Bar Problem

By werty316
Mar 27, 2004
  1. this crappy Isearch thing was install on my comp whne I was installing a program and I didn't uncheck to not install this 3rd party crap and I can't get rid of it on the IE tool bar. I uninstall the 3rd software but it still shows up on the tool bar. I can right click the tool bar but the everything in the menu is greyed out meaning the drop down menu is shown but you can't click on anything. Does anyone know how to enable the tool bar? I hope someone knows what I am talking about.

  2. Hodsocks

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  3. Liquidlen

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    I had to remove isearch from one of my kid's machine.It is buried very deeply in your machine.
    Make note of it's executive file when you runSpybot or Adaware.
    Then use search in your registry editor to delete there.Also delete instances manually in your temporary internet files.I recommend a file erase type utility.
    Read the technical support notes at isearch website they actually claim that some third party is responsible for the way their software embbeds itself and reappears.
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    I tried using Ad-Aware and it worked great. Got rid of every spyware garbage. I thought my comp was pretty secure but it surprises you when you scan it.
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