Cutting edge system - specs enclosed, feedback appreciated

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I am in process of obtaining parts for a new primary 3D Graphics/Video Encoding (and a little gaming!) system. Does anyone see a downside to my specs below? (Ignore cost, I am!!)

MOBO: Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) w/40 PCI-x lanes (NForcePro, 2200 AND 2050!!)
CPUs: Dual Opteron 252 2.6GHZ
GPUs: Dual Leadtek NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI-express (just released in Japan)
HDD 1: Two @ Raid 0 Hitachi 7K80 SATA II NCQ 3GB/sec 80GBx2 (system disk) or two Raid 0 SATA II WD Raptors 10,000 RPM if they ever release NCQ versions.
HDD 2: Two at Raid 0 Hitachi T7K250 SATA II NCQ 3GB/sec 250GBx2 drives (3D graphics workspace, media disk)
(Weekly backups to my existing 500GB Lacie Firewire drive to compensate for RAID 0 data risk.)
RAM: Generic 1gb PC 3200 ECC Registered X 4 (w/room to expand if 64 applications demand it in the future)
PSU: Thermaltake 680W Dual SLI support, triple rail 12v.
DVD R/RW drive: ATA Plextor with 8mb cache PX716A (Japan model)
Case: CM Stacker w/cross-fan just for kicks.


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seems beefy enough, if not excessive. to check out a review on your board or performance comparisions of you parts poke around
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Liquidlen, the latest AMD chips actually outperform the latest Intel chips for encoding. Especially on dual chip systems. XEON chips suffer from a 800FSB memory bottleneck on the Intel chipsets. It is not possible for both XEONs to operate at 800FSB since they share the same bridge. Opteron on the other hand, does not suffer from this shortcoming.

I have always been an Intel man, but the latest Opteron 250 blew away the 3.6 GHZ Xeon on all 3D modeling and encoding tests. Also, the potential for long-term scalebility by going with Opteron is better. AMD will launch their first generation of dual-core chips in the same 940 socket. Which means in two years I could make this a 4-proc beast by only purchasing two new Opteron dual-core chips. Intel, is just screwed when it comes to Workstation chipsets these days. Their server chipsets are only a little less short-sighted in design at the moment.


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If you are going to build that beefy of a system, don't waste it with SATA II discs. Get an Adaptec 1210S or better SCSI controller and get at least 4x10,000 RPM U320 cheetahs or better.


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DVD burner

The latest NEC DVD burner outperforms the Plextor one if memory serves me, was only a couple weeks ago I read the review. Or you could go with the brand new one from Lite-On that they've just released, which apparently, though I have yet to see the tests myself outperforms all other DVD burners on the market.

And yes, go hardcore with SCSI and 15,000 RPM drives. etc. etc.


P.S. When your done with this system can I have it? Or better yet what's your old one? Probably better than what I've


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he doesn't need a scsi controller, it's built onto his board.

what OS were you considering?
The S2895 should be available in the UK Friday. If you want to max the memory throughput for video work look for low latency memory, I know I did :D .
And drop the crossflow fan on the CMS stacker, it doesn't fit with a 12x13 mobo, again I know I bought one :blackeye:
Disk IO, if you really don't care about the cost...try a TMS RAMSAN and fibre channel HBA for a laugh. Otherwise U320 15k SCSI is the place to be right now, with a decent PCI-X controller.
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