Cuz I'm new

By karmicaz
Jan 15, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I sure hope I am doing this right, and if not I'm sure you will all let me know!

    I would like to say Hi all. I'm nervous as this is a first for me
    I have always done alot of searching on forums but this will be my first to actually post and ask a question.
    I spend alot of my time reading about computers and I'm a self taught tech??
    ;). Feeling pretty stupid right now, but I am hoping you are all gonna make me feel right to home.

    My name is Karen and I'm in Arizona
  2. Blind Dragon

    Blind Dragon TS Evangelist Posts: 3,908

    Hey Karen, No worries -> welcome, if you have any questions or anything just ask, you know the saying - no stupid questions except the ones you don't ask.
  3. layla17

    layla17 TS Rookie

    Great to meet you Karen. Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about asking questions there are a lot of newbies like myself who have the same questions you do.
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