Cyberlink Power2go software question

By Maynard
Apr 30, 2006
  1. i have this software on my pc and i have just burned my first movie to a DVD. pretty simple to use, but i have a few questions....

    1. the movie i burned is in letterbox format, it burned to the disc in full screen format. is there any way to get the movie to burn in the smae letterbox format as it was DL from? right now, its like watching a movie all streched on the screen.

    2. I have some concert videos that i DL and 1 is in a .bin format, which i use the VLC MEDIA PLAYER for playback.

    The other is in a ISO format (with 10 other MPEG tracks)that my power2go software does playback, but wont identify for the burn. Im sure you guys already know what i mean, but just to be clear. When I want to watch this ISO video, i click on it, then I can skip chapters just like on a normal DVD. But my software doesnt seem to identify this format when i goto burn it. i can watch it on the software, just no burn.

    thanks for reading

    PS, 1 other real dumb question. the the burn software gives me an option to select a video format.

    NTSC or PAL whats the difference??
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