Cyberpunk 2077 updated system requirements revealed, including specific resolutions and...


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They did the eact same thing with DX9 features and things like Physx back in the day.

Incidentally, this is why buying a GPU for "RayTracing" is stupid. By the time the tech is widespread nothing fromt he first few gens will be able to run it well, if at all, and there will likely be newer revisions to the standard. The first DX9 cards were utterly worthless a few years later, and by the time DX11 was widespread the first DX11 GPUs, the fermi 500s and the evergreens from AMD, were utterly obsolete.

That's a lot of opinionated position. I think you were wrong on most of those points. The first DECENT Dx9 card lasted me for 4 years, a 9700 Pro All in Wonder. R300 was ATI's first Dx9 GPU and it rocked AND lasted awhile. What DirectX 9 feature are you even talking about that was kept proprietary? That doesn't even make sense. Shader Model 3.0 was stunning on ATI hardware because they did it right, no other reason. Nvidia did it wrong, and paid for their mistake.

"Utterly worthless a few years later" is pure opinion. In fact, not even well supported by the facts, MANY people were using Dx 9 GPUs well into Dx11's life. Steam hardware survey's of the time showed massive penetration of Dx9 GPUs. And Dx11 lasted as long as it needed to. Your expectations are not supported by ANY GPU in the history of PC gaming. 3-4 years is the typical envelope for major feature usefulness, and this hasn't changed in decades at this point. What even was ANY of your point about?

Pascal lasting a full 4+ years usefully was an anomaly. It was NOT the norm. And I think people buying a TOP ray tracing GPU for Cyberpunk 2077 will be richly rewarded in beautiful eye candy that you will not experience. I bought a RTX 3090 exactly for this game and picked right for ray tracing.

Most anti-ray tracing ranting is pure sour grapes. You can't get hands on or cannot afford a Ampere GPU or just hate Nvidia so much you won't acknowledge a real feature even when AMD has admitted it's the future.

I think you are so off base as to be in fantasy land, Theinsanegamer.


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Incidentally, this is why buying a GPU for "RayTracing" is stupid. By the time the tech is widespread nothing fromt he first few gens will be able to run it well, if at all, and there will likely be newer revisions to the standard.

I might agree if getting the GPU with RT meant tradeoffs in other areas. But these GPUs are very competitive even without the RT support. The RT certainly already adds goodness in available games like Control, Metro Exodus, Minecraft and Quake 2. And soon Cyberpunk. So I completely disagree on the 'stupid' bit.


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Yeah I'm not going to spend $2500+ for a 3090 here it's just uneconomical even 3080's are expensive here I'll stick with RX6800XT thanks

Sorry to hear they are so crazy priced where you are. I ordered mine straight from PNY on launch day and only paid 1499.99 with 2 day shipping free, no tax charged (this part still worries me, I am looking into if I need to manually pay the tax because PNY failed to charge me any...)

I consider $1499.99 to be a steal for a Titan level GPU. $2500 is a horse of a different color and the exact reason I never owned a Titan before 3090, and in every way that matters 3090 is the Titan of ray tracing for this generation. Not even the mighty 6900XT with it's faster rasterization will touch 3090 for ray tracing power. And is exactly where I wanted to be at the price I could bear.

Sadly, if you stick with 6800XT, you will have a harder time ever getting one than a 3080 or 3090, at least until early 2021. Stock appears to be far worse for AMD's new launch than Nvidia. AMD talked a big talk, but results matter, and so far, more people at launch walked away with a 3090 than any actually got a 6800XT.

Have fun with that, I know how to get into a 3080 with a one week waiting period, MSRP priced. I've already sent 3 friends to the list and they all have cards in hand now... All paid MSRP, 2 day shipping free, no tax (again though, this part bothers me, am waiting on email answer from PNY if I need to pay that sales tax manually or not because buying straight from manufacturer means no tax? dunno...). 699 for 3080, 1499 for 3090. None of ordered any 3070's yet, but will report back here if anybody jumps on the list for one of those...
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OH! And one 3060 Ti just added to the list yesterday, but I think she will get her order taken on launch day directly like mine was for 3090 since she's going on the list before the launch like I did. I have high hopes for her, PNY didn't respond when I sent her name in to them, but she said she got an email from them saying she's on the list now.

I have nothing but the highest praise for how PNY handled these launches. You call in directly to PNY sales the first time if you are not already on the contacts list, speak to Lisette and ask to be put on the "interest list" and state which model you are interested in, and if it's one of the launched models, you wait your turn, about a week (two at worst), and PNY calls you and takes your order over the phone directly. Ships out the next day. 2 business days later, in gamer hands.

Once you get contact with Lisette, future orders or adding friends to the list is simply a matter of emailing her with their info and she will contact them and confirm their interest, then add them to the list. PNY is making the extra effort to make sure gamers get GPUs to play games with. Might not be the Asus Strix or EVGA Ultra Sillyclock model or anything like that, but for PURE reference card with no corners cut (I'm glaring at you, Zotac...), PNY rocks the reference to Nvidia spec + MSRP perfection.


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The PNY list trick works so well that I can tell you outright that unlike the masses who spent 3090 launch day screaming bloody murder about not finding a card anywhere, INCLUDING PNY's website, my RTX 3090 order was placed 10 minutes after official launch minute, with PNY calling me to take that order while Lisette was still getting her morning coffee. I was literally the first person to buy a 3090 from PNY directly, she confirmed that. Lisette knows me as "Gregory the Golden Ticket guy".

I cannot claim credit for this list's creation, but one week of painful 3080 news stories before the official launch day of 3090 must have worried PNY, because they made this list and I was already on it before I knew it existed, due to a technical problems I had run into with the site during the 3080 launch. My name was number 1 in the list and only me and whoever had the second spot in the list were able to order a 3090 on launch day. And from then on, the list grew and Lisette let me know I could add people to the list if they had for-sure interest in a card and money in hand, send them to her.

I have been doing so ever since. Only sent her a few so far, but since it's an open list, I'm sure many others have gotten onto it by simply calling in and asking, at least according to how it was phrased to me in one of the emails. There is no exclusivity thing going on here, ANYBODY can get on the list by calling in, to my understanding. So I cannot claim any credit for this starting of this list, I was certainly a PART of the starting of this list. And so far, it's helped some friends get cards at MSRP. Pure bragging rights, there. :p

Edit: If calling in to be added to the list, I HIGHLY suggest already knowing exactly what model number you are asking for interest in. Do not contact her to get her to "sell you" on which model you might want, she is SWAMPED with resellers like Newegg, Amazon, and Best Buy business and direct orders from PNY are not a priority. Show consideration of this factor by knowing the model you want already if you ask to be added to the list. Exact model number recommended.

Edit 2: I have no idea if this is US only. I suspect it is, but do not know so. The lack of tax being charged worries me that it in fact is regionally locked, US only sales.
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