D:\ is not accessible Incorrect function

By hgopp99
Mar 21, 2006
  1. I have seen similar threads, but my OS is Windows 2000. I did highlight the D drive, right click, click on Properties, clicked on the Hardware tab, highilghted the manufacturer, clicked properties, clicked properties again and then checked the box for Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device.

    When I went back to Windows Explorer and clicked on the D-drive, I got the same error.

  2. bill26

    bill26 TS Rookie

    Try disabling DMA (Direct memory access) for the drive.

    I had the 'Incorrect function' problem with a new DVD burner when trying to access burned dvds. I'm using windows 2000 and I tried ejecting and reloading the disc and it didn't work. At one point it was able to show me a directory on the dvd+r disc but then when i tried to open it it said something like 'the folder is missing or has been moved'. Then I remembered i had enabled DMA (Direct memory access) because the dvd burning app (Nero 7) suggested it. So I ran the 'Nero DMA Manager' and disabled DMA for both of my cd/dvd drives (one cd burner and one dvd/cd burner). This fixed the problem completely. But I might try enabling it just for the dvd burner on a hunch that that might work too.

    Hope this helps someone...

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