D-Link DI-624 router problem

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Hello I have a DI-624 router (D-Link) and when I try and get to configuration the login screen comes up and I type in admin for user and keep password blank just like i am supose to and when I click ok It refuses to let me into the configuration. I have already been to technical support and done all the steps they recomend and that solves nothing. Here is my current IP info:

IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

I have no problem connecting to the internet but i want to change some options in configuration but i cant logon. Someone please help, thank you very much :)


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Are you sure there is no password? The username may be case sensitive too. Try Admin.
Oh yes i have tried all that, in the manuel that i have and the one on the internet it says "admin" and "leave password blank"
Sounds like a password problem

From your description it seems as if you've set a password on the router. I also have a DI-624 that I use. Your easiest solution is to get out the trusty paperclip and hit the reset button. It should only take a few minutes to reconfigure the router.
OK i tried resetting it, even though i dont remember changing the password and that did nothing same thing happens. I have thought of a few questions that might help. On the main computer that the dlinks connection is comming from it has a firewall on, and has the same ip address. Im not sure this will help, also, the connection to this computer comes from the router to a switch to here (the computer im using) anyone want to help please?
D-Link resets require patience

If you're getting to the router login screen chances are neither the firewall nor the switch are a problem. It wouldn't hurt to plug the router directly into the PC you want to use for a reset, just in case.

When you attempt a DI-624 reset make sure you hold the paperclip in for 15 or 20 seconds for the reset to take. The manual recommends 10 sec, but I recently tried a reset and it did not take on my first try.


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if anyone is running firewall software like outpost you could be having a issue with this software
check with the firewall fourms group and see if there is a issue
outpost has trouble with linksys router there is a reg fix for it
if interested I will look for and post
Problem Solved!

After manually resetting your DI-624 router, try user name "admin" and password "password". You can also log-in as "user" with no password to see your router settings.


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D-Link's default is admin - password.

Also I notice with D-Links of all sorts that a firmware upgrade is usually needed. They seem to connect-disconnect quite a bit.
This is an older post, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Your posts helped me today.

I was unable to access my router by resetting, following the instructions from my ISP, D-Link, and several other computer books. The user "Admin" and no password simply did not work. The tip about holding the reset button for 20 seconds and using the name "admin" and password "password" finally worked.


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what mean
if on dsl you must re-enter name and password
if you use reset it puts router back to factory settings
this includes no WEP no MTU
read manual on how to set up faster connections get your user name and pass from ISP
if cable you should not have to do anything but set it to obtain ip auto
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