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Oct 24, 2003
  1. Well, I've got a D-Link router (DI-604), I infact have had it for a very long time. The two computers that use it get the internet fine. It's just that, on some games, we can't really host games and get people to join them, there's always errors.

    I have firewalls for both of the computers, both firewalls have been configured and disabled to try to get it goin, no luck.

    My router has a firewall thing and I'm wondering if there is some sorta way to "DMZ every computer" or at least disable it. There's no disable feature, so I presume I need to add some rules. I'm really confused the router doesn't obey me.........

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    I think this impossible, as the DMZ kind of places the DMZ computer outside of the router and accepts all incoming traffic, so it would be impossible to have more than one DMZ, unless you have more than one IP by your ISP.

    At least this is what I get out of it.
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    you may have to look into the firewall settings and manually configure the games to route to the specific IP. i have a 614+ DLink and have had to do this in several situations where i want to run a server on my computer.
    you definately want to avoid DMZ if at all possible. it kills the whole 'firewall' ability of a router.

    at the same time, if it's a common game then check the documentation for the router online. there are a surprising amount of FAQs about just configuring certain games.
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    You can do "DMZ for all" if you have an external IP for every computer you want DMZ for. If that is your wish, go ask your ISP for more IP addresses. (That would be just silly, BTW)

    Mcnasty's advice is the way to go.
    If simple port forwarding does not work (games use dynamic ports for example), just put one PC as the DMZ machine and host all games off that one.
  5. XtR-X

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    I kinda didn't want the firewall, I was thinking it was disable-able but it's hard getting around it. It's too late to return the router.... if it wasn't, I would have bought a non-firewall router... just a router that "splits the connection" was all that I needed.
  6. Nodsu

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    Actually, by default there are no firewall rules defined on routers and the only thing your router actually does at the moment is NAT or "splitting the connection".
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