D link pci wireless network card in win98

By Neojt
Jan 24, 2006
  1. Hey guys

    ive just instaled a new DWL-G510 d-link wireless network card in my step sister pc that has win 98 se. the card works fine and detects the shared network in her appartement block wich is unsecured! With the dlink app i can see all the info on the router but when i click conect it dosent do a thing. After 3 hours im turning to you guys for help.

    I dont know the brand of the routeur but im her roommate has the same card and it works fine (she as win XP of course). and the help file only gives support for Win Xp (like we need it in Xp!!!)

    Tanks in advance
    Neo :wave:
  2. FireDoc

    FireDoc TS Rookie

    Hey Neo,

    Just so I understand...

    Everyone has XP and you are having problems with 98. If you want to access network computers for file or print sharing you need to move the protocol to NetBIOS or NetBEUI over TCP/IP - this is the simplest.

    Better yet - but since your dealing with other peoples computers, don't know if they would like this - Move all print and file sharing to IPX/SPX NetBEUI. Get it off TCP/IP/NetBIOS all together.

    98 will not communicate with XP without some kind of NETBios/NetBEUI overlaying your BASIC protocol - Good Luck.

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