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D:/ not accessible - Incorrect Function

By Falu
Oct 2, 2007
  1. Hi all, :wave:

    My findings:

    1. I received a cd from a friend with pictures on it. If I insert the CD into my labtop and go to Control Panel > D-drive (DVD-Ram reader) I get an error: DLA cann't use this disk since it's not formatted and in after another try: D:/ not accessible - Incorrect Function and that's the error I keep getting.

    2. When I tried to set up a virtul computer with VMWare a few months ago a CD with XP on it was not accepted!!

    3. No problems putting in a music cd in or a dvd; system works fine!

    4. Cannot read burned CD's: music or whatever!

    Tried the following:

    1. went into device manager,right clicked on the CD/DVD drive and clicked uninstall. Restarted the computer, then windows should say "new hardware found" and let Windows install the CD/DVD drive automatically.
    Didn't work out the way I wanted: same error.

    2.My Computer, right clicking on the drive and selecting "Properties", then click on the Record/Recording tab. There should be a check mark there about CD recording - remove it and click OK, then test to see if it works.
    Still the same error.

    3. With the help of the Eventviewer I checked ATAPI-errors: there were none.

    4. Checked if the recording tab of the CD/DVD drive was activated: it was.

    5. Deleted Upper and Lower filters in the registry.

    6. Removed all trace sfrom Nero.

    Would appreciate any advice/help.

    P.S. If this is not the correct forum for this topic please let me know.
  2. Graham_s

    Graham_s TS Rookie Posts: 51

    How old is your computer?
    I had a problem a while back, about 3 weeks after getting a new computer, my DVDRW drive refused to read dvds but would read CDs, which really took the biscuit, so I phoned computer company and they said that it was a dodgy one and sent me a new one, and it worked fine. Do you have any other issues with the drive? maybe you need a new one? have you uninstalled/reinstalled any appropriate drivers?
  3. Falu

    Falu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's 1,5 year old and still under garantee, so ...
  4. Graham_s

    Graham_s TS Rookie Posts: 51

    If its still under guarantee, I would get them to sort it out, because It seems to me like hardware problems rather than software (which you could sort out fairly easily(in theory))
    but its niot always that simple even when soemthing's under guarantee.

    sorry I can't be more helpful!
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