D610 shorting method help

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I'm trying to do the shorting method on my dell latitude d610 i open everything up and i could see the eeprom can someone give me step by step instruction on how to short it. Thank You

I got it if anyone needs help just ask me on this forum its super easy.
unlocked bios dell d610

fot dell d610 with eeprom 24c04 shorting method is correct for unlock bios password:
-short pin6 and pin3(gnd)
-power on laptop
-power off laptop
-disconnect short

enjoy bios unlocked


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Shorting Dell D610

If i shorting this PIN. Should i Put the Power Supply (Battery) and the Cmos Battery. Pls let me know Step by Step. Thanks!!!
unlock bios dell d610

press the power button, short the wires for 2 seconds, then it "should" say "***Manufacturing Mode - Level [1]*** Press Fn-X to return to normal mode" then when you see this, press F2, after bios comes up, press ESC, choose "Save and exit" then reboot... if "manufacturing mode" still comes up press Fn-X and it will exit that mode.
Step 1. press power.
Step 2. short wires 2 seconds.
Step 3. disconnect wires, wait 2 seconds.
Step 4. short wires again for 2 seconds,
Step 5. disconnect and wait for "Maintenance Mode" text.
Step 6. Hit F2
Step 7. Hit ESC, Choose save and exit
Step 8. Enjoy your unlocked Laptop (with NO service Tag)
Hey guys. I got a D610 Latitude myself. I am trying to unlock the password. I opened the laptop, I see the 4 squares. The 3rd 1 is where the pins at? How do I know what pins to short? Can I get some pictures please? Thanks

Where can I find pictures of the location of the chip I'm supposed to short out? I wanna get this done. Thanks!
Thanks! 8 9 10

I still can't seem to find that chip with this picture. Anyone got different pictures?

NM.. I successfully got the shorting method to work! NOW I have a hard drive password now..... I tried plug the notebook HDD to my PC and it makes a clicking sound. Is it because of the password or is it a bad hard drive?


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Usually, it is a bad hard drive. But some hard drives are designed to click rhythmically... if you tell us the model number & Part Number off the face of the drive, we can tell if that is supposed to be a silent drive.
I got the drive to detect. Bad usb port. It's an IBM Travelstar

I think imma just get a new HDD. I've been reading it's near impossible to unlock a hard drive for free anyway... thanks!
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