Daily Download: EF StartUp Manager

By Julio Franco
May 19, 2004
  1. When starting Windows, a number of other programs are also started. Some are necessarily, but the autostarting mechanism is used also by programs, which spy the computer. Finaly is simple possible that some unused programs are started and use system resources.

    The EF StartUp Manager allows you a simple handling and complete control of applications which starts with Windows. They can insert, temporarly disable or delete with ease new programs. More, the controlled starting mode makes it possible to start the programs in a defined order and optionaly specify a delay between them.

    Download: EF StartUp Manager 1.0 (939kb).
  2. Better download this startup manager

    Better download this advanced startup manager - updated now so long ago, supported, with all required features.

    Developers: F-Group Software
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