Datta Execution Prevention/ expolrer.application error problem; virus?

By Dee123
Jun 24, 2006
  1. Hi, I have a Dell laptop which is going to be a year old in September, and I downloaded some video from a website I have been downloading safely from for a long time. Now when I try to open the My Videos folder, I get several windows. One is labeled "Data Execution Prevention- Microsoft Windows" and says "to help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program" and "Name: Windows Explorer, Publisher: Micrsoft Corporation" and "Data Exectution Prevention helps protect against damage from viruses and other security threats."

    Another window I get is labeled "explorer.exe- Appilcation error" and says "The instruction at '0x04c33206' referenced memory at '0x00000001'. The memory could not be 'written'. Click on OKto terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program." I've also gotten the same message, with the only difference being "The instruction at '0x04c33206' referenced memory at '0x04c33206.' "

    So does that mean I have a virus? I scanned the folder with several antivirus programs as well as a spyware remover, but nothing turns up. And it happens everytime I open the My Videos folder. How can I fix this?
  2. Peddant

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    Three google "fixes" -

    1."Hey, I had the same problem and found the easiest way to solve this was to run CCleaner

    2.Go to system properties in the control panel

    Click the Advanced tab, click Performance, and then click Settings.

    In Performance Options, click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Add.

    In the Open dialog box, locate and then click the program(explorer.exe).

    Click Open, click Apply, and then click OK. When you are prompted to restart your computer, click OK

    3.Delete the file(s) you downloaded before the problem began.
  3. Dee123

    Dee123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Actually, the Data Execution Prevention window just came back up again. I tried all the suggestions, but because I couldn't find the explorer.exe program, I added Windows Explorer instead. Is that the same thing? I'm not sure what to try next, but I don't know why my computer is doing this

    Now I got an explorer.exe message saying "The instruction '0x09203206' referenced memory at '0x0923206'. The memory could not be 'read'." etc.
    Not sure what do :(
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