By nighthawk5556
May 5, 2008
  1. Hi I'm Dave. I'm learning about computers as I go. Had ME, upgraded to XP........and have been warned about treading into the murky waters of Vista. I'm only really capable of minor stuff like memory upgrades and things like that. My computer is a 6 year old dinosaur with a 699mhz processor........but you haven't seen a 'mhz' processor in a while, eh? I'm hoping this site will help me with technical issues...........which everything about a computer is to me anymore.
  2. 210gray

    210gray TS Rookie

    the best advice for you is to up-grade your mo and memory. if the computer was mine, i would install win 98 2nd. ad. and up-grade its memory. you can purchase a pulled mo and cpu from good will industries. a socket a wtih a 1700+ amd setup should cost you about $50.00. memory 1 gig pulled about $15.
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