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May 25, 2002
  1. I'm considering to buy the new Abit KX7-333 mobo soon which has 4 DIMM slots and i wanted to know, would there be a difference if i bought 4 x 128mb PC2100 DDR DIMMS compared to 2 x 256mb in performance in relation to "memory interleaving options"?

    The 128mb is slightly cheaper the 256mb version by about £5 each and PC2700 is too expensive and not worth it atm.
  2. StormBringer

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    The only difference I've seen is that when you decide you want to double the memory again, you'll have to replace all the modules rather than just adding two more. Otherwise I haven't ever seen or read of any performance gain or loss from either option. I haven't seen any test results of any comparisons either. Then again I never really thought about it as I've always tried and recommended going for the two stick option rather than four so it is easier and cheaper to upgrade the RAM later.
  3. Snowy Commando

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  4. StormBringer

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    Well, that is good to know in case anyone ever asks. I would recommend though that you go with the 2 256MB sticks rather than 4 128MB sticks. This may cost a little more but it will save you a bundle if you decide to add more later.
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    Aren't you supposed to use Registered memory if you decide to filll up all four dimm slots ? Registered memory is a bit more expensive then regular memory so your whole concept wouldn't really be worth it anymore ( if indeed you need registered memory ).:blackeye:
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