By coolman
Jan 26, 2005
  1. Hi everybody,
    i have motherboard ECS K7S5A Pro.Never had a problem.I bought 1giga ddram for my mobo and it says in manual that this is also the max memory i can install.But appears that bios recognises the ddram but then the Windows hangs.I have been searching a lot and in one german forum they say that you can install 1 giga ddram but not in 1 piece.it means 2x512.I do some videos and i really need more than 512 i have now ,so do you guys know how could i solve that.I upgraded the bios already but still no success.My ddram is new and its right one for mobo(266 mhz).Anybody has any ideas?Thanks.
    i can always buy a new mobo but maybe somebody will have a cheaper solution :slurp:
  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    Are you running windows XP? If so, your best bet is to use 2 x 512mb, and return your 1gbyte stick. I built many systems from the k7s5a with 1GB and they worked ok.
  3. coolman

    coolman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes Soul Harvester i use xp.Thanks for an answer.
    Well,to return is always a possibility but it will cost extra and this 1gb ddram was also cheaper than 2x512 ddram.I am now actually thinking anyway to change a mobo so i have more possibilitys.What do you think about Mainboard ECS L7S7A2 ?
    There are more possibilitys and i can use my old ddram there as well.costs 30 euro with sending home.
    Wish you no hardware problems :D
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