Dead PC

By sudso
Sep 10, 2004
  1. I left my PC on overnight and in the morning the PC was not running; I tried to start up the PC but it won't start. I took off the side cover and pressed the start button; the PC starts for 1 sec and then it stops. I suspect the power supply is dead. I took out the 300 watt power supply and tried it in another PC that has a 230W PSU; it works there; I also disconnected all my connections to the components of the PC that does not work and it still no go. Please advise. I first need to try a 300W PSU in this PC and go from there!! Could it overheated and died? If so, it is probably the MOB.
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    Well your PS is fine if it works in another PC. To prove to youself its not your PS that is causing the problem disconnect everything except what you need to boot, including any PCI cards that are unnecessary.
    It could be that a connection worked itself loose, disconnect everything and then connect it back. That includes power wires, ide cables, agp/pci cards, and your RAM. I recently had a problem with an older comp where the RAM came unseated a slight bit, it looked ok but I was getting beeps and it wasn't starting up. I removed it and put it in again with same result, then I changed slots and got nothing but the fans turning on, I then put it back in its original slot and made sure it was very well seated, and then it worked.
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