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Nov 11, 2007
  1. i have had 3 months of puter problems ..
    the first IT told me i needed a bios flash which they did and then my puter wouldnt start again so i had to buy a new mother board cos they said it was not there fault... got it back was all running wonderfully.. so they said... but no it wasnt..
    i ended up taking it to another shop and they refromatted and said it all ok now i got a new processer also...
    now i only get the restarts once or twice a day and i recorded these times...
    and what i have found in the computer manager is a debug check...
    this is what is says:
    This computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x1000008e(ox0000005, 0x0804de9a4, 0xb7c09810, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in

    I have no idea what this means... but now they are saying i need another mother board..... which makes me very unhappy...
    is there any one that can help me on this and give me suggestions on what to do??

    thanks so much
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    0x1000008e seems to be a driver incompatibility error message.
    just checked at microsoft:
    This behavior occurs because the Windows 2000 device driver for the Audigy sound card is not compatible with Windows XP, and Windows XP does not include an updated device driver for the Audigy sound card.

    I think it will not necessarily always be the sound card. it could be another device as well.

    have you recently installed any new device? audio card, video card, something plug and play? check the drivers for all devices. sometimes it helps to check in which slot the pci cards are plugged in and if those slots share an irq. you can find this information in the mobo manual. if so, put one card in a different slot.

    well, let me know if you have tested some of this stuff.

  4. dragonflycreati

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    Thanks for this advice: i really appreciate it.
    The only new thing that has been installed is my mother board and processor.
    the interesting thing is though i have just gone to the windows update and did a custom search update and there were 4 updates for my video card????
    So i have installed these and restarted. Now lets see if this sorts it..

    The IT"S said they have checked everything in the system and it is all working fine all diagnostic tests..
    the IT shop is telling me that i need another new motherboard.... but i am not happy with that answer....
    I will see how it goes over the next few days and post anything new that comes up... thanks again.
  5. dragonflycreati

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    Ok i had doen the driver update and it still did it.. so i opened my box made sure the video card was in there properly and ran it again it still did it soi rechecked the drivers etc... and then well i formatted it again fresh start..... ran beautifully last night ... but this morning when i turned it on it has restarted twice.... and i got a different error message... O x 100000d1
    i will see if i can load the dump file on in here....
    thanks for your help i really appreciate it...
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    well 0x100000d1 could be a bad device driver or a faulty memory. when upgrading the board and cpu did you check for the compatibility of you ram? have you made any customization - e.g. changed bus frequency or something to speed up the ram and/or cpu?

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